Delaney & Thorn Public Relations to become Delaney & CO. Public Relations and Thorn PR


Wednesday 11 September 2019 -  Delaney & Thorn Public Relations has announced from  October 1 2019 the company will become two separate entities: Delaney & CO. Public Relations and Thorn PR. 

Delaney & Thorn Public Relations was established on the Kapiti Coast of New Zealand in 2017 by co-founders Hannah Delaney and Jacinda Thorn. Established with an existing portfolio of DelaneyPR clients, in the two and a half years since its creation, Delaney & Thorn has grown to cover clients across technology, professional services, and FMCG sectors, as well as start-ups and community projects. 

Experiencing continuous growth and success in distinct markets, company directors Hannah Delaney & Jacinda Thorn have made the decision to split the company to focus on their growing portfolios.

“Since April 2017 we’ve been able to work with a number of different companies and organisations across multiple areas, which has given us the opportunity to discover and focus on the sectors we are passionate about. By honing our expertise in these areas of interest, the new entities will allow us to expand even further,” says Jacinda Thorn. 

Thorn PR will work with innovators, creators and disruptors; focusing on its growing stable of FMCG and food clients, as well as offering specialist media training and government relations services, building on Jacinda Thorn’s 12 years in Parliament and the Beehive, and career as an award winning broadcaster and journalist.  A new service, Business Intelligence, will also be available, where Thorn PR will harness data to amplify an organisation’s reputation. 

Delaney & CO. Public Relations will continue to focus on industry leadership through organisational reputation management, public relations campaigns, media management, and spokesperson training across professional services, technology, start-ups, membership and community organisations, national associations and Boards, with existing contractors.

 “We are delighted with what has been achieved with this partnership and has been lovely to reminisce about our clients’ successes, and to be able to support each other through to the next stage of our business careers,” says Hannah Delaney. 

The two new brands and links to new websites officially launch on October 1 2019.

 For more information, or public relations assistance please contact:

Hannah Delaney | +64 27 636 0010 |

Jacinda Thorn | +64 27 397 0616 |


We would both like to say thank you to our clients, contractors, friends and families. 


Hannah & Jacinda