Whether you are aiming to grow your business, sell it, increase brand awareness, set yourself apart as a industry leader, change perceptions, set the agenda, make more sales or build enduring relationships with your stakeholders - success will rely on one thing: excellent communication & influence.

Public Relations is one of the most effective ways to actively communicate messages to your stakeholders to help drive business goals forward. Public Relations professionals often study a range of business studies, communications and social sciences in order to effectively change attitudes and behaviours, conduct large-scale campaigns, and increase brand awareness in the marketplace. 



Public Relations is the building of mutually beneficial relations between an organisation and its publics, using best practise communications to help an organisation reach its goals. 



Every external message has the opportunity to be interpreted by any of the below audiences or ‘publics’, and therefore is important that a trained professional is considering the effects of each message carefully. 

  • Investors (financial communications)

  • Existing Customers and potential customers (marketing)

  • Journalists & mass media (media management)

  • Sponsorship & Community (community relations)

  • Affected stakeholders (crisis & issues management)

  • Government (lobbying)

  • Employees (internal communications)

Where as marketing focuses mainly on customer relations, and goals around sales - public relations is focussed on many stakeholder groups to achieve business goals related to awareness, internal engagement, sales, pipeline, influence and much more. 

The Delaney & Thorn Model 

Dealing with multi-stakeholders is complex, and requires a communications strategy that's going to work for all audiences.


Delaney & Thorn are trained in both journalism and PR techniques, and have strong news sense, which is a powerful combination resulting in engaging material that is shared and published as news. These days anyone can distribute content, but it takes skill and expertise to publish shareable and engaging content. Done right, PR activities and campaigns gain tangible business results and establish thought-leadership, brand awareness and positive business gains. 

What We've Acheived

  • Secured international and national media coverage for our clients, ranging from news that sets the agenda to thought-leadership pieces

  • Created, and curated, a brand for a media and social media influencer and rising reality TV star

  • Exceeded event registrations by 200% for a financial services client through a multi-channel PR campaign

  • Exceeded public engagement targets for a brand and community campaign launch by 150%

  • Connected businesses and spokespeople with Government Ministers and key players in the public sector, resulting in their agenda being part of the discussion

  • Rebranded and launched a business that as a result of branding work is now profitable and has been named one of New Zealand's most innovative clubs by ClubsNZ

  • Designed and developed websites for leading international industry associations and businesses

  • Produced and launched several smartphone Apps available via Apple and Android Play