Government Relations

Why Government Engagement is Important for Your Business

Every single business leader has the opportunity to influence legislation and help shape the opinions of decision-makers.   Engaging with Government and Parliament should be an essential part of your overall strategic PR plan if you’re looking to be an industry leader or game-changer.

Government relations is one of our specialities.  Jacinda Thorn, Partner and Founder, spent 12 years working in the corridors of power before establishing Delaney & Thorn.  Experienced on both sides of the coin – in Opposition and in Government, she has unique insights into why engaging with Members of Parliament and Ministers is so vital in achieving your public relations goals.

We work alongside our clients to help them engage with decision-makers in a meaningful way.  Every day decisions are made in Parliament and the Beehive that can change the way you do business. We equip our clients to represent their point of view to the people that can make a difference.

Non-partisan, we have worked alongside a range of clients – from the financial sector to property management, and we engage with both sides of the House.  Every solution we suggest is tailored to meet your specific needs.  This could include:

  • Guidance on submitting to a Select Committee on Bills before the House,
  • Meetings with relevant MP’s, Ministers or Advisors, and
  • Collaborations with MP’s around lodgement of Written Questions or Oral Questions, and
  • Official Information Act Requests.

We offer a different quality of Government Relations, building on our personal relationships  – thoughtful, meaningful and designed to make a change.  If you want your voice heard, then get in touch.